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”“”³ Super Fine Roasted Oolong Tea

Original Price”GRM$200.00
Present Price”GRM$200.00
”“”³ Description

In the cloud long mountain ridge top cover frozen,because of superior quality tea is excellent,there was special aroma geographical environment of the production. In the traditional way of charcoal baking time carefully crafted,sleek GAN tea,aroma,both rhyme throat,high impact resistant foam for its most prominent feature.

Content: 300gm
Ten Li Tea
Original Price”GRM$400
Present Price”GRM$400
Ten Li Tea
Original Price”GRM$160
Present Price”GRM$160
Ten Luh Jasmine Tea
Original Price”GRM$100
Present Price”GRM$100
Ten Li Supreme Tea
Original Price”GRM$900
Present Price”GRM$900
Ten Lu Tea
Original Price”GRM$120
Present Price”GRM$120
Ten Wu Tea
Original Price”GRM$130
Present Price”GRM$130
Tayuling High Mountain Oolong Tea
Original Price”GRM$200
Present Price”GRM$200
Tung Ting Supreme Oolong
Original Price”GRM$380
Present Price”GRM$380
Ten Lu Tea
Original Price”GRM$130
Present Price”GRM$130
Wen-Shan Royal Pouchong
Original Price”GRM$200
Present Price”GRM$200
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