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”“”³”@About Ten Ren Tea
Ten Ren Tea Co., Ltd., Geneses in 1953 in Kang Shan, Kauhsiung, go to the evolution of 2007 as to own 136 retail stores worldwide. We are the only one tea company whose IPO”¦s officially began trading and passed ISO22000 in Taiwan.

With the philosophy of "Old Business, New Management," we concentrates on the product, store and organization innovations. In addition to regarding tea as ware to kernel toward various food products to develop, we also have launched our newest chain of "cha FOR TEA", to pursue the goal of tea”¦s internationalization, livelier, and younger. Ten Ren authorizes the American Coca-Cola Company production oolong tea, green tea beverage in 2003, setting the model of the traditional domain multinational strategic alliance.

Tea is a natural and peaceful beverage. Create the more harmonious and healthy society and living environments, will is the vision that we pursues forever.

Tel”G019-2403197”@”@email””@”@Address:NO.52, JALAN 8/91, TAMAN SHAMELIN PERKASA CHERAS, 56100 KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA
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